Posting and Commenting

We are glad you are here and ready to join any discussion that is ongoing or to start a new discussion, under one of our categories.

A Visitor’s Privileges

If you are a visitor, you can read anything on the entire Blog and you can comment on the entire blog. To do the latter follow the steps below.

The easiest step to do is to COMMENT.  To do so, read any posting that you like. At the end, there will always be a box for you to place a comment. Follow the directions there. Make sure when you finish your post that you select a category for the post by clicking on the category of your choice to the left of your new post.

Unfortunately, you can not start a new discussion on your own. Contact either Edward Cogswell or Dennis Cogswell, listed on our Contact Us Page if you want to make a post. If they approve, they will do so. If you seek an “Authoring membership”, which gives more privileges, also contact either Edward or Dennis Cogswell.

A Member’s Privileges

You may comment on any previous post; follow the instructions above.

As a member of this blog, in the “Authoring Category”, you may also¬†start a new discussion, related to one of our categories.

To do so, go up to the top of the home page and go to right hand corner and hit the “New Post” button. Follow the directions that appear.

When you have written what you want or uploaded a folder, look to the right of this box and scroll down to the box, again on the right, on Categories. Put an “X” in the category of the post where you want it to appear. You may chose more than one category. If none show up an administrator later will link it to the right category.

Then scroll up to the top of this page and select what you want to do. You may save a draft, you may preview what you have written which gives you the opportunity to then edit your post. EVENTUALLY YOU MUST PUBLISH YOUR POST OR IT WILL NOT APPEAR.

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