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Here you can post your thoughts and questions about the Cogswell Family who are  descendants of John Cogswell who landed in America at Pemaquid Point, ME in 1635.

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17 thoughts on “Welcome to the Cogswell Family Association Blog

  1. I hope this update finds you and your family well, and in good health.

    The Cogswell Family Association continues to grow, and we are trying to move our technology into this century. Our goal is to keep the members informed, and to give all of you an opportunity to be heard and the opportunity to become involved. I continue to collect more of your email addresses, as members submit their annual CFA dues for this year, and we are starting to make improvements to the CFA webpage.

    Some day you can expect the CFA webpage to be move interactive. It would be nice if those not in the CFA could open up the page and see what the CFA can offer them, perhaps an interesting article that will interest them, and then maybe they will want to join. If they would like to join, it would be nice if they could use PayPal to pay for a membership, or use it to buy a ‘Descendants of John Cogswell’ book (we still have approximately 70 copies in print). It would also be nice if you could log into the page as a CFA member, and you could view the recent CFA Update, the CFA Officers and Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and also share information on a Message Board. However, these are all functions we hope to have on the webpage someday. We aren’t there yet.

    In the near-term, our new webmaster (Bruce Cogswell) is trying to find a good form that we can use that will integrate with PayPal, and will allow people to pay for their membership using PayPal. This is the next step in webpage development.

    I have been tasked to modify the address labels being used on the next Courier to indicate whether the member has paid their 2011 Due or not. If you haven’t you’ll see ‘2011 CFA MEMBERSHIP DUES STILL NEED TO BE PAID BY 5/1’ or ‘CFA DUES PAID THROUGH 2011’. As you know, the dues are due on January on each year.

    We have reviewed the current CFA By-Laws and are prepared to put By-Law Revisions up for a vote by the CFA members. These proposed By-Laws will be printed in the August Courier, along with a ballot for voting, and the voting will officially take place on September 10th. According to the current By-Laws this meeting has to have at least five direct descendants of John Cogswell present. So, this vote will occur in Needham, MA on 9/10. We’ll report the tally of the mail-in/internet votes at that meeting, and we will also connect this meeting to others virtually (over the phone). You will all have an opportunity to call in and voice your opinion or vote (if you haven’t already).

    We are still looking for an attorney that we can use as Legal Council for the CFA, if you know of anyone.

    I will start sending out CFA Welcome Packets to all new CFA members. This packet will consist of a copy of the Cogswell Coat-of-Arms (suitable for framing), a welcome letter and a member identification card. This will be sent in a photograph envelope, so it won’t be bent when it is received.

    Finally, the survey last year showed us that most members would like to have a reunion in the northeastern USA. We already have held reunions in Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. We are now looking to hold one in either Pennsylvania or New York State. Howard Cogswell has taken the action to find someone that would like to host the next reunion. There is a lot involved to host a reunion (I did one here in Washington State), so this will be planned for sometime in 2012.

    You should be able to find this update on the CFA webpage, as Bruce will post this there. I am hoping that all updates and key correspondence will be available to CFA members someday. The technology is out there, and we are slowly turning this website into something you will find interesting.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    Ed Cogswell (of Snohomish, WA)
    CFA Secretary

  2. Sybil Williams Jensen Johnson

    while serving a mission for the Mormon church in Lilburn GA I was thrilled to find my distant Cogswell cousin Cheryl Cogswell Welch who lives in Nashville. We were able to meet and have become great friends. What a small world it is. Thank you for this great blog. I am returning to Utah and will be on the genealogy trail soon.

  3. I have found a copy of the book by Jameson on a Site Called Heritage Quest. This can be down loaded 50 pages at a time. Heritage Quest can be accessed at your local library and can also be accessed at you home if you are a library member using username and pass word they can give you

  4. Marilynn Jackson

    I have an old photo album of Cogswells from Mass. My g. grandfather, George Edward Cogswell is the only photo I can identify. His father was Milton B. Cogswell, son of Benjamin Cogswell of Oneida NY. I would love to figure out who the rest are… most in Mid 1850 -1860 garb, some Civil War uniforms. Does anyone have a an old photo which might be mutual? Other possible family names in this album might be Russell, Mahogany, Goodell, Wright. Iam happy to scan and send.

  5. Good Evening,

    The CFA Officers and Board of Directors continue to meet once a month to discuss issues important to the association and to us personally. We are still looking for anyone that would like to help. Ideally, every position should have an alternated (back-up) person. If you would like to consider that, please let me know.

    Bruce Cogswell continues to work on the CFA Website (http://www.cogswell.org/index.htm). As you probably know, we also have a Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=113661535340209). We’d like a way to link the two pages together, but we aren’t sure how that would work. We’d also like to add the option to use PayPal for anyone that wants to renew their membership through PayPal, but this offers some challenges. Apparently you need a special form that allows the interface with PayPal. Bruce is still working on this.

    Have you heard that ‘The Cogswell’s in America’ (Jameson) can be viewed digitally at http://www.archive.org/details/cogswellsinameri00jame, but this is 54 MB if you want to download it. Unfortunately, people can edit this copy without validation, so we’d like to find a way to get a copy of the original master and burn it to a CD. We’re still working on this.

    The April ‘Courier’ was recently compressed by Roger Bohn (our CFA President), and put into a .pdf file. As you know, we have been looking for an improved print quality and delivery format for The Courier, preferably in color. Other than a few font issues, this format looked great! Regarding the option for printing the Courier, a black & white copy is .10 cents per page (regardless of whether it is double-sided or not), or .39 cents per page if it’s in color (no price break for it being double sided). Obviously, printing in color would drive up the cost significantly! So, the plan is to mail the Courier in a black & white format (as it is now) or offer it in color over email. I have attached an email copy of The April Courier. If you would prefer to receive this in email format, rather than in postal mail, please let me know.

    When the next Courier comes out the proposed revised By-Laws will be added, along with an article explaining how you can vote on them. This is in preparation for the Annual Meeting that will be held in September. The votes for the revised By-Laws will be tallied before the meeting. No virtual voting will take place during the meeting, but the meeting will be held virtually for those that are not able to attend in person. This is necessary to remain in compliance with the existing By-Laws. If approved, the new by-laws will permit virtual membership meetings.

    Finally, we are still working on a reunion for 2012. Right now we are targeting the Albany or Schenectady, NY area, as we believe we can find a host or two there, and there are historical points of interest for us to see there. In addition, for us baseball fans, the Baseball Hall of Fame is in this area, although it’s a bit of a drive. Howard Cogswell will work to contact potential hosts in this area. Would anyone out there like to volunteer oir help with this?

    So, hope all is well with you and your family. Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope this is a good way to keep you up to date on what is going on in the Association. I am also posting this update on the Blog (on the CFA webpage), so feel free to respond to it if you have more to add.


    Ed Cogswell
    CFA Secretary

  6. Matthew Cogswell

    I am not currently a member of the CFA, but plan on calling in the morning to find out more about joining. I am currently filling out my family tree on Ancestry.com and continue to find out more and more information about the family as I do research.

  7. Good Afternoon,

    I hope this update finds you and your family in good health!

    It’s been a week or so since the last Cogswell Family Association Officer and Board of Directors meeting for May. We continue to work on many issues as we seek to improve the CFA and what we are doing. This journey continues to lead us into things we haven’t done before and have only dreamed about.
    Every new idea is on the table, as we try to evaluate them on their own merit.

    We continue to look for people with new ideas. After all, repeating what we have done in the past, without asking what improvements we can make, will keep us in a stagnant status quo. We always want to challenge ourselves to try something new.

    Last month I shared with you that ‘The Cogswell’s in America’ (Jameson) is now available to download at http://www.archive.org/details/cogswellsinameri00jame, but it’s 54 MB and is just in .pdf form. It would be nice if this document had a good search engine. The data in this book is the best information that the author had at the time. It would be nice if we could update this, but this would have to be controlled. I will be contacting the Head Librarian at Brigham Young University, and ask them how we might add a search engine to this book. I believe BYU does this sort of thing a lot.

    Bruce Cogswell, our CFA webmaster, has determined how to integrate PayPal into our webpage. In this way, people can join the CFA through the website.
    They will also be able to renew their membership there if they would like to.

    We now have two new directors on the CFA Board of Directors, Bruce Cogswell and Elli Gassert. Bruce is our webmaster, as you know, and Elli will help with many things (including being a researcher and helping the historian).
    We also have a new legal counsel, Connor Cogswell. We’ve needed all of these additions for quite sometime, so we are pretty excited about these new CFA
    Officers and Board of Directors.

    As far as keeping the Cogswell Family history of the past, and combining it with what we learn for future generations, we are continually reminded of how ominous this job is! Roger Bohn, our President, is proposing that we expand the historian role to include a “Cogswell History and Genealogy Committee”, made up of:

    * CFA Historian – Chair of the committee and responsible for the
    activity of the committee
    * Memorabilia Manager (or Curator) – maintain memorabilia owned by the
    CFA, and locate Cogswell family memorabilia with historical significance, log its location and arrange for any areas that these items will be kept.
    * Genealogical Recorder – record all changes in the genealogical
    record of CFA family members. Also responsible for maintaining a system to store this data and protect it. So, this would require someone that is proficient with database management.

    No decision to this proposal has been made yet. If it is, the Bylaws will need to be revised. We are thinking about this now, but this does sound like a good idea. What do you think? Anyone out there want to help with this and provide additional suggestions? Contact Roger if you do at rbohn49@gmail.com.

    You may recall that the CFA Bylaws are under review and will be put to a vote later this year. Those members in good standing will be able to vote on this revision. The proposed bylaws will be included in the next Courier.

    Howard Cogswell (Jacksonville, FL) continues to work on a CFA Reunion location for 2013. It appears that we will have a reunion in either New York State or Washington, DC. No final decisions have been made yet.

    Of the close to 400 people we have addresses for, only 154 members has paid their 2011 dues. In compliance with the CFA Bylaws and Policy, we should consider canceling all future issues of the Courier and the benefits of being a CFA member. However, some of the board members were unaware that they still owed for this year. The comment was made that others may not be sure either. So, the decision was made to send out a notice to all members that haven’t paid their dues for 2011. The not-later-than date for these dues is now 6/15, or they would not receive any future issues of The Courier. You should have received this letter by now, if you still owe your dues.

    That is all I have for now. Thanks for being part of the Cogswell Family Association! If you want to help on any of these committees let me know.

  8. 2011 Annual CFA All Members Meeting Minutes, September 10, 2011
    For the first time in the CFA history, the Annual meeting was held in person in New York (at 28 Ross St., Batavia, NY 14020-2308) and virtually, over telephone.

    In accordance with the Article IV, Section 4 of the current By-laws, a quorum of 5 ancestral members were present at the New York location while all other members in attendance were on the phone. Unfortunately, there was a technical issue that resulted in the access number having to be changed at the last minute. Notification was sent to the membership e-mail addresses on record indicating the new call-in information. As a result of this issue, however, the CFA has obtained a “standard” call-in phone number and a new pin that will be used for all future virtual meetings.

    The following Ancestral Members were in attendance in New York:

    Roger Bohn
    Sandra Bohn
    Marsha Bohn
    Rebecca Amico
    Wendy Spear

    Attending virtually were:
    Ed Cogswell (Snohomish, WA)
    Howard Cogswell (Jacksonville, FL)
    Prescott Cogswell (San Clemente, CA)
    Malcolm Cogswell (Sutton, QE)
    Jack Cogswell (Chatham, MA)
    Edmond Cogswell (Walnut Creek, CA)
    Connor Cogswell (Sewickley, PA)
    Katie Sanders (Uxbridge, MA)
    The meeting was called to order at approximately 2:05 PM Eastern/3:05 PM Atlantic by Roger Bohn and roll-call was taken.

    After the opening prayer, the minutes from the previous two meetings were approved. This was proposed and accepted by the Board of Directors and Officers present.

    Items Discussed:

    The passing of cousin Ed Cogswell (Albion, Maine) – Ed Cogswell recently passed away suddenly at his home in Albion, Maine. Ed was the 2nd Vice President of the Association. He will be missed and the CFA passes on its condolences to his family.

    Meetings from the Last Meeting : Normally, the minutes from last years annual meeting would have been read and reviewed here. Since the last Annual Meeting was in 2007, it was deemed more appropriate for the last CFA Officer and Board Meeting Minutes to be read and accepted.

    The State of the CFA – Ed Cogswell, the current CFA Secretary, gave a verbal review of the association from his perspective. Although he said that there was more activity this past year, and that we are moving in a more proactive direction, there is still a concern that there isn’t enough participation by other members. With the resignation of Don Cogswell as CFA Historian, and the obvious need to find another Vice President, and an assistant to Malcolm Cogswell (editor of The Courier), there are still issues that need to be addressed. If we are not successful in finding other help within the CFA there is a concern that the CFA won’t endure any sudden changes in the CFA Officers or Board Members.
    Treasurers Report – Katie Sanders reported that the financial state of the CFA is good. As of the end of 2010, the Cogswell Family Association had a Net Worth of $104,374.93. This amount consists of $7,291.08 in the checking account, $17,817.94 in savings and $79,265.91 in the endowment fund. The endowment fund was primarily funded in 1994 with a bequest from the CFA founder, Cyril Cogswell.
    Since the receipt of the endowment, the Net Worth of the Cogswell Family Association has continued to increase at an average rate of approximately 4% per year, even with the market downturn of 2007.

    The financials for the calendar year 2010 consist of a net income of $4,451.53 and a net expense of $4,142.04, yielding a net surplus of $309.41. The primary source of income was the membership dues, totaling $4,375.00. The primary expense was the publication of the Cogswell Courier, totaling $3,685.70.
    Following the membership validation process recently executed by the CFA Secretary, Ed Cogswell, it is expected that our expenditures for The Courier will be reduced in the immediate future.

    Bylaw Voting – the Bylaws were revised recently by a Bylaw Revision Committee and this revision was printed in the August Courier. Since the printing, the CFA Secretary has been gathering the votes. Of the 220 members that we now have in the association, 32 votes were received by mail, e-mail or voice vote at the meeting, all of them affirming the acceptance of the new Bylaws. So the new Bylaws have been approved for use by the Association. These will be recorded in Massachusetts, where our association is incorporated.

    Other Comments:

    With the passing of these new bylaws, how do we count the length of the terms for the Officers and Board of Directors? Are they reset to the start of these new Bylaws or grand fathered in to the dates they initially took their current role? This will be discussed at the next monthly CFA Officer and Board of Director Meeting (schedule for October 1st).
    Jack Cogswell was appointed as the interim 2nd Vice President, replacing Ed Cogswell (of Albion, Maine)
    Eli Gassert has accepted the position as the CFA Historian, but has elected not to maintain the CFA family history database. We need to determine how to best accomplish this task.

    Action Items:
    Contact the BYU Librarian and determine whether a decent search engine can be added to the .pdf version of ‘The Cogswell’s in America” (Ed Cogswell)
    Contact Jeff Cogswell and inquire about data collection options (Ed Cogswell)
    Review current CFA website for accuracy (Ed Cogswell of Snohomish and Bruce Cogswell)

    The next monthly meeting is scheduled for Sat., Oct. 1, 2011. This meeting will be at the same time, using the same contact phone number and password.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Ed Cogswell (Snohomish, WA)
    CFA Secretary

  9. Hello, I am probably the most recent member of this group (not a member yet) but I just found out about you and was wondering if anyone might advise me on a particular issue. John Cogswell, #4116 in the genealogy book at the Cogswell Grant Museum, and his family is buried in our family pioneer graveyard near Cresswell OR. It really a beautiful acre of old growth Douglas fir, reflecting the historical ecosystem. Family members still use the cemetery to bury their loved ones. John Cogswell and Mary F. Gay were the first marriage in Lance Co. OR and their’s was the first baby born. A golf course has been proposed to be built around the grave yard. This is not a problem in itself but it needs to be done right. We have until Tuesday, August 21 to comment. Any “Cogswell” advice?

  10. I am a Cogswell descendent, and I have an extensive research website on my ancestors including the Cogswell line: http://hylbom.com/family/paternal-lines/paternal-cl-to-du/cogswell-2584/. I’ve posted the link in case anyone is interested in checking it out. If you are a Cogswell descendent, we may have other ancestors in common as well due to extensive intermarriage among the early New England families.

  11. I am a descendant of one Hannah Cogswell Mathieson.My fourth g-grandmother. I also have an original copy of The Cogswells in America. I am a bit new to genealogical research and the internet. Just learning as I go.

    • Hi John – Yes, I have a copy too, but it was rebound (as is was falling apart). I like the details in it, but the explanation of how John and Elizabeth came to Ipswich does present some unanswered questions. Don’t you think?

  12. If any Cogswell family member has a Family Tree as a Gedcom file, I would appreciate a copy as it would be a huge time saver.

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