August 10th Board Meeting

August CFA Officer & BOD Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2013
Meeting called to order by Roger Bohn at 2:04 EST

The following people were in attendance:
*       Roger Bohn
*       Jack Cogswell
*       Prescott Cogswell
*       Ed Cogswell
*       Dennis (of Virginia)
*       Denis (of Florida)
*       Caroline Van Deusen
*       Howard Cogswell
*       Katie Sanders

Annual Meeting Review – an overview of the meeting was given by Ed and the meeting minutes accepted.

The Courier – Malcolm was not in attendance, but there was some discussion about the names of the Annual Reunion attendees (in Cleveland) not being shown in the picture in the Courier. Hopefully this can be rectified in the next issue. (Action Item – Caroline, Howard and Malcolm will work on accomplishing this in the next issue).

Annual Reunion Overview – this was the first reunion that we have held in quite a few years, and as such, this was really a success. However, there was an issue about the process of holding the reunion. Katie mentioned that the reunion financial arrangements must always involve the treasurer, but this needs to be done in such a way to allow the host to still accomplish the required arrangements without delay. We all agreed that this process should be written down for clarity (Action Item – Katie and Ed)

Webmaster – Once again, we discussed the need to revise the web page. Roger assured us that his son, John, was not only capable of doing this, but wanted to. Katie committed to talk to John after she built a proto-type webpage for discussion. We also talked about our webpage having video ability, to share events happening in the association or news that is pertinent to the CFA. This also would be a good place to have a blog that all members could participate in. Dennis reports that he has secured a death certificate directly from the Indiana Health Department and has sent it to the administrators of the blog along with the transfer information. He has not heard back yet. It is very difficult that they only respond via email and only after a week or so. But, it appears that it will happen. (Action Items – [1] Katie to get together with John Bohn to discuss the webpage revisions and [2] Dennis Cogswell is working to get authority to control of the blog and make it active on our webpage.)

Executive Committee Proposal – Dennis (of Virginia) mentioned that an executive committee could be formed to determine what projects that the CFA should participate in, and then propose those projects to the BOD’s for acceptance. This executive committee would consist of no more than 5 people, and consist of members of the CFA Officers and Board of Directors. Dennis mentioned that most organizations like ours have an Executive Committee that meets two weeks before the Board does. The Executive Committee would be responsible to get matters implemented and to sort out ideas generated in board meetings. This was only mentioned, and not proposed.

The 2014 CFA Reunion – Dennis (of Virginia) proposed that we contact Hanna Barbara about the upcoming “Jetson’s” celebration in 2014 and see if they would be willing to host our next reunion by including the Cogswell Family Association as part of the Jetson’s “Cogswell Cogs” legacy. He would like to see a national reunion committee established that would work on have a large national reunion that would draw a lot of people. The other reunions would be seen and offered as regional reunions. A national reunion committee would be involved in long range planning and data gathering several years before an actual national reunion occurred. The Hannah Barbara idea is just that, an idea. It is this large national reunion that he was suggesting that we prepare for.

Past Due and Annual Dues Revision – as was discussed at the annual reunion, there are members of the CFA that are not aware that their memberships have lapsed. The current format for asking for the annual dues are not clearly written, and should be revised to be clear of the annual dues effective dates (January 1st through December 31st of each year), and when they are due (not later than March of each year). Also, a letter should be generated informing each ‘non-active’ member who is behind in their dues, why they are not getting a copy of The Courier. (Action Item – Ed, Howard and Roger will get together in a separate meeting to format these two letters.)

The meeting came to a close at approximately 3:30 EST, with the following
Action Items:

*       Generate a written process as a guide for the host of future reunions (Katie & Ed)
*       Katie to get together with John Bohn to discuss the webpage revisions. (Katie and John Bohn)
*       Work to get control of the existing blog that was managed by Bruce Cogswell and make it active on our webpage.  (Dennis of Virginia)
*       Hold a separate meeting to format these letters addressing the annual dues notice and the delinquent dues notification. (Ed, Howard and Roger)
*       Review Current Board Members (Ed to provide a list at the next meeting)

The next meeting is scheduled for Sat., Oct 12th at the same time (2 PM EST).

Best Regards,

Ed Cogswell
CFA Secretary


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