Run, Kristen, Run

My oldest daughter, Kristen Cogswell Simon is running marathons well into her forties. Her times are either staying steady or she is improving her PR. In November she will be running the New York City marathon for the third time; this will be her seventh marathon overall.

She was a participant in the ill-fated 2012 Boston Marathon when the bombs went off. She had finished about two minutes before the first explosure and was about a quarter a mile away. However, she was terrified, and not knowing where was safe, like many other runners, she just ran and ran away from the blast.

Of more concern was the safety of her husband Matt, also a marathon runner but unable to participate this time because of injury. He was to meet her at the finish line but hadn’t connected with her when the bombs went off. He had a cell phone that was almost useless because of the sudden high volume of calls. Kristen of course did not. They and Nancy and I who were calling Matt, went through a vary anxious hour before we finally heard her voice. What a relief1

We are so proud of the both of them.  Run Kristen & Matt. Run.


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