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  1. David Stevens Wilder III

    Edward R. Cogswell:
    My paternal great grandmother was Ellen Amelia Cogswell, b. 7/21/1841, d. 7/4/1931. I am very new to genealogy and stumbled on this site by accident while researching ancestral roots in the Revolution. I have a book published in 1916 by James E. Norton (a relative) titled (this is a long one!): “The Norton-Lathrop-Tolles-Doty American Ancestry of Ralph Tolles Norton, James Edward Norton, Arden Lathrop Norton, Frank Porter Norton; Their Children; and the Wright-Briggs-Cogswell-Dudley American Ancestry of Ellen Cogswell Wright Norton and Frances Cogswell Wright Norton and Some Family and Local Histroy”.

    I live in the far off city of Anacortes, WA and flew those wonderful Boeing airplanes that you might have wired up (correctly, I’m sure!), including the 707-720, 707-320, 727, 747 and 757 for 27 years. I think we may have something to talk about!

    My question re the Revolution: I have several references that up to 3 Cogswells were present and were original members of The Society of Cincinnati, yet the Society’s website does not list any Cogswell as a member, much less a founding member. Something is amiss here: do you know what?

    Am I eligible to join the “family’?

    Regards, Dave Wilder

    • Good Morning David,

      It’s nice to see the sun shining on the Cascades this morning, although I know rain is on its way. I hope it holds off until i see the Marysville-Pilchuck HS football playoff game this evening:-)

      I understand your experience, as I was brought up in Massachusetts not knowing all of the Cogswell connections. I had always thought that we were just a family with an odd name until I got older and dug into Cogswell history. That all started when my Dad found an old copy of ‘The Cogswell’s in America (Jameson, 1884) and gave the book to me, as I was his oldest son. I decided to find John Cogswell’s house in Ipswich, MA in 1993. I did find it, and with it the Cogswell Family Association. I have now been a member for quite a while, and am currently the Secretary of the association.

      Our association is open to all of those interested in Cogswell family history and in associating with Cogswell’s now. There are two distinct classifications for members, they can either prove their connection to John and Elizabeth Cogswell (they immigrated to the colonies in 1635), of they can’t. Either way, we don’t refuse new members.

      By the way, another Cogswell history book was released in 1998. It is titled “Descendants of John Cogswell” (Donald James Cogswell). We still have copies of this book, which you can purchase through the association.

      Your city isn’t that far off. I live in Tulalip, which is a short drive to your house.


      Ed cogswell

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