October CFA BOD Meeting Minutes


October 5, 2013


Meeting called to order by Roger Bohn at 2:03 EST


The following people were in attendance:

·         Roger Bohn

·         Jack Cogswell

·         Prescott Cogswell

·         Ed Cogswell

·         Dennis (of Virginia)

·         Connor Cogswell

·         Howard Cogswell

·         Virginia Bohn

·         Edmond Cogswell

·         John Bohn

·         Denis (of Florida)


August Meeting Review – an overview of the meeting was given by Ed and the meeting minutes accepted. (Motioned to accept by Denis of Florida and seconded by Howard)


Board of Director Resignation – Roger reported that Caroline Van Deusen has submitted her resignation as a BOD. She will maintain her CFA membership. No reason was given. (Motioned to accept by Denis of Florida and seconded by Ed)


The Courier – Malcolm was not in attendance.


CFA Legal Counsel Issue – Connor mentioned that he has reviewed the bylaws regarding the role of the Legal Counsel and he believes there in a conflict of interest if the association’s Legal Counsel if that person is a member of the Board of Directors. The legal advice given to the association should be impartial, and as such, the Legal Counsel should be able to advise the BOD’s, and not as a BOD member or a voting member. Connor sees no problem with Legal Counsel being an Officer, but Legal Counsel should not have the ability to vote. This does not align with the current CFA bylaws. If a change to the bylaws is necessary, an interim change can be implemented by the CFA President (Roger) and voted on at the next annual meeting. No decision was made at this meeting, but will need to be addressed at our next BOD Meeting. [We need to address this issue at the November BOD Meeting]


Webmaster – John Bohn, our new Web Master, was in attendance. The dates of the current BOD’s are now current on the webpage, except for Caroline’s resignation, but there are no dates for the current CFA Officers, which should read “2012-2014”. John also stated that he has reviewed the current CFA webpage, and the current format is way out of date. Because this format is so old, it is difficult to modify this webpage to accomplish what we would like to see. John recommends that we change to a more modern format, and this could be done at no charge to the association if we accomplish this through Amazon Web Services, which is what John currently uses. This will require that we transfer our domain, but there will be a small cost for this. John took the action to show us the features of the new format, so we can review the functionality and provide feedback. [Action item for John at the next meeting]


CFA Blog – There are two CFA blogs that currently exist. One was used by Malcolm some time ago, but hasn’t been used for quite some time. The other blog was managed by Bruce Cogswell, but when he passed away we were not able to gain administrative access to the blog. Dennis Cogswell worked through the issue and finally was able to get administrative control of the blog. He and the CFA Secretary (Ed) now have dual administrative control. This blog resides at cogswellfam.wordpress.com. There was some discussion of how we will use this blog. Within the blog you can switch to the CFA webpage and also to the CFA Facebook Page. In order to read what is in this blog you do not need to have a WordPress account, but if you want to respond to anything posted, or post something yourself, you will need a free account to accomplish this. There was some discussion of whether there could be a “private” section for CFA members. Dennis will look into this. [Action item for Dennis.]


The 2014 CFA Reunion – no action


WebEx – There has been some discussion amongst the BOD’s that we may be able to meet, and collaborate on projects, better if we utilize some of the modern tools that are available. There are two services that have been looked at; Go-to-Meeting and WebEx. WebEx is a meeting service that is provided by Cisco and seems to work well. You can use this service for free if there are no more than three people using it at one time. However, it will cost you if there are more people involved.  If there are some people calling into this meeting by phone it will cost even more money. Before we act on this, there were a few questions that needed to be answered:


·         What is the cost for using the toll free call-in phone number?

·         Is there any additional cost if someone calls from Canada?

·         Are there any options for a once-a-month call, rather than coverage throughout the month?


[Ed took the action to contact WebEx and get these questions answered, and report this at the next meeting.]


Past Due and Annual Dues Notices – Past due letters were sent out on October 1st and Ed is started to hear responses. (There seems to have been a breakdown in the process of communicating PayPal payment status between the CFA Treasurer and the Secretary. This has contributed to some of these issues. We’ll need to work on improving this process in 2014)


The meeting came to a close at approximately 3:30 EST (motion to close by Ed, and seconded by Dennis of Virginia), with the following Action Items:


·         Generate a written process as a guide for the host of future reunions (Katie & Ed) – still an open item

·         CFA Legal Consul Bylaws Revision. (Connor Cogswell and Roger Bohn)

·         New Proposed CFA Webpage features. (John Bohn)

·         Can there be a private section for CFA members in the Blog? (Dennis Cogswell)

·         WebEx Questions answered and an estimate for cost if the CFA BOD’s are to use this service in future meetings. (Ed Cogswell)


The next meeting is scheduled for Sat., Nov 9th at the same time (2 PM EST). Please remember that you can call in at (916) 233-0790 and use the host code of 217372# (if you are the first person there) or use the attendee access code of 365010#. This saves the association money if you can call long distance toll free. If you can’t call long distance toll free use (888) 861-1255. In either case, the passwords remain the same.


Best Regards,


Ed Cogswell

CFA Secretary


2 thoughts on “October CFA BOD Meeting Minutes

  1. Good job Ed. You are very through. It is good to see the Board Minutes here.

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